Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Designer Spotlight: Aurelio Costarella

Aurelio Costarella is one of Australia's most successful designers, and rightfully so. His construction is always meticulous and he is so aware of the female form. Since his launch in 2000 at Australian Fashion Week, he has had a huge international presence, showing at New York Fashion Week and featuring at G'Day USA. His beautiful creations have graced red carpets domestically and internationally on celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger, Dannii Minogue, Melissa George, Naya Rivera and Kendall Jenner. On Monday, Mr Costarella continued wowing us with the launch of his SS12/13 collection at MBFWA (check out the review here). The Fashion Patriot caught up with Aurelio to talk about his most recent collection and what it's like seeing his creations on some of the World's biggest stars. 

What is the name of this collection? 
The collection doesn’t have a name..

What was your inspiration for this collection?
The inspiration began with  colour palette inspired by 1920’s Orientalism – Chartreuse, Wasabi, Bisque and Tapioca. From there I began looking at Renaissance art and specifically the work of Belgian artist Joos Van Cleve. Melding these 2 points of reference. 

What is your favourite piece from the collection? Why?
I cant say I have one favourite piece.. they are all special for different reasons.

What do you expect to be some of the biggest trends on the runway this MBFW?
I don’t subscribe to trends.. my work is about creating classic pieces that transcend time. I expect to see a lot of colour this week and it seems to be coming through very strongly.

What is your favourite thing about Fashion Week in Sydney?
Showing in front of a home crowd is always great. I launched Aurelio Costarella in Sydney in 2000 and always love coming back to show here.

You studied architecture, do you think that has provided you with an edge when designing your collections?
Architecture gave me a good grounding in terms of colour and form. I have always had a strong design aesthetic and my architectural background reinforced this.

Since your launch in 2000 you have garnered a huge following both in Australia and Internationally, when did you realise that you weren't just a Perth designer?
Whilst I was determined to maintain a Perth base I didn’t ever want to be a ‘Perth’ designer. I wanted my work to be appreciated by a much broader audience. Showing in America and having a great PR team helped the brand to achieve this.

What has been your most exciting/favourite memory since your 2000 launch?
My first show at New York Fashion Week in 2007 was certainly one of my career highlights.

The Costarella woman is chic, bold, confident, discerning and design savvy. She appreciates and invests in quality, timeless pieces’ - is there one woman you think personifies the Aurelio Costarella woman? 
My work appeals to such a diverse range of women.. it really is difficult narrowing it down to a particular woman... My clients range form 16 to 60. Nicole Scherzinger has become a huge fan of the brand and wears it so perfectly. 

What is it like seeing your creations on the red carpet on some of Hollywood's biggest names?
It’s always a buzz seeing my pieces on celebrities. This is obviously an important part of building the brand.. it is however really important to me that my pieces work on ‘real’ women.

Where do you see Aurelio Costarella in 5 years?
We have a great deal in the pipeline.. showing internationally again in the next 12-18 months, international retail stores are on the cards.. lots happening.. watch this space!

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