Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bowie at MBFWA

I don't think my words and photos will do this show any justice... But here goes....

Bowie's collection 'Aura' was positively sublime. It isn't very often when people are moved by fashion, but last night at Bowie's show was a totally different story. As soon as the thunder struck and the strapless marble-died gown appeared in the middle of the catwalk, I literally got goosebumps... And that feeling didn't disappear for the entire show. 

As the models made their way down the catwalk in Bowie's signature slow walk, you could see the audiences' jaws just drop. There was such a quietness and stillness in the room as people were trying to comprehend the intricate details and impossibly perfect construction. 

The collection was made up of a monochromatic palette and featured the most incredible textures of hand sewn butterflies made from feathers, gold bells which made the most angelic sound as they moved down the runway and the most exquisite application of sequins you have ever seen. 

The movement and shape of each and every piece was magnificent. I think it is safe to conclude that Bowie is a freak of nature, and in a class of his own. I am truly inspired by the way he constantly pushes the boundaries. This 'Aura' collection will, without a doubt, be remembered forever and will go down in the history books as one of the most mind-blowing and iconic shows ever shown at an Australian Fashion Week!

*sighs* look at that detail!

Truly magnificent... Seriously, have you ever seen anything like it?!

Heavenly butterfly details

I don't think anything will ever compare to this dress.... Oh.My.God.

The finale

God himself, aka Bowie

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