Monday, 25 June 2012

Glomesh is Back!

You can tell a lot about a woman from what's inside her Glomesh bag...
The most iconic handbag of the 70s is making a comeback!

In memory of co-founder, Alice Kennedy, the 'Alice Bag' marks the relaunch of Glomesh. The 'Alica Bag' is going to be released in limited numbers in 4 colours. The bag is a combination of finest leathers, beautiful 24K gold rich enamel coloured metal mesh adorned with hand polished acrylic and 24K gold plate hardware.
The 'Alice Bag' is Alice's grandson, David Goldberg's brain child, he says of his decision to launch the 'Alice Bag', "she was a wonderful woman... so we felt it was appropriate to relaunch the brand with the 'Alice Bag' prior to introducing the rest of the collection which will follow soon"

I have a vintage glomesh bag, which I just adore! They're absolute classics, and I think it is genius that the company has reworked the line for a relaunch!

Check out for more information!

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