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Designer Spotlight: Love Obsessed

I am obsessed with Love Obsessed. It was really love at first sight when I spotted the reworked, neon vintage pieces at the PR Department press showings. Love Obsessed is the brain child of Stacy Dill, who's based in the US and sells her lust-worthy pieces online at Each piece is one-of-a-kind, genuine vintage jewellery that Stacy has found in vintage stores and estate auctions, and then hand painted in incredibly vibrant, neon colours. The result? Unique, statement pieces, which are sure to make everyone in the room remember you.

After the jump, check out more of Love Obsessed's collection and fab Q&A with Love Obsessed's creative visionary, Stacy :)

How would you describe your personal style? 
My style is girly with a tough edge. I love wearing flirty dresses and pairing it back with a pale pink motorcycle jacket, or boots with studs all over them. I like to have one unexpected element in every outfit. I never leave home without jewellery on, I would feel naked without it!

Where are your favourite shopping destinations?
H & M is one of my favorites places to shop, when I am headed to the mall, it's my first stop.  
Nordstroms for jeans and handbags. for shoes. Etsy for jewellery and ASOS always has amazing unique pieces that reflect the current trends and are affordable.

Who is your style crush?
It is so hard to choose just one, I look at the pictures from red carpets and I just swoon over so many people. Anyone who is adventurous I admire the most. Rihanna is one of my favourites because she wears so many things I could never get away with, she is fearless! Blake Lively is another one, every time I see her, she is so well put together. I heard once that she doesn't use a stylist, she puts everything together herself and that made me like her even more! 

What is something that you cannot live without?
Style wise I would say I never feel that my outfit is complete without a watch. I have a big selection from fun and colourful Nixon watches, to classic Cartier. I just received a new Kate Spade rose gold watch for Mother's Day, and I absolutely love it!  But if Im being honest here, its chocolate, at the moment - Pretzel M & Ms, they are to die for! I can't remember the last time a day went by where I didn't have a piece of chocolate!

What was your inspiration for starting Love Obsessed?
I spent many years shopping vintage stores, and estate sales. I would always come across these beautiful rhinestone pieces from the 50s and 60s. I would pick them up and just stare at them. They were so beautiful, so well made, and I would always imagine the woman who had worn them. Who was she and where was she going? What outfit did she wear this with? But they really didn't fit in with our style today and so one day I bought a bracelet and I thought - what would this look like if I painted it? It took me weeks to complete it, a long process through trial and error, but the end result I was happy with. From that point on, I was hooked. I kept buying more and more, painting any piece I could get my hands on and that is how Love Obsessed was born!

Why did you choose the name 'Love Obsessed'?
This all boils down to timing.  I love Valentine's Day, everything about it. The chocolates, the gifts, the sappy cards and romantic dinners. So at the time when I was starting my line it was about a month prior to Valentine's Day and I was planning a themed brunch for my family. My house was covered with glittery pink and red hearts. I just felt so in love in my own life.  I had just given birth to my beautiful son Nicholas and I was more in love than ever with my husband. Love Obsessed popped into my head, and I thought - that's it!

How did you come up with the "vintage jewellery re-imagined" concept?
I love taking something old and breathing new life into it. I am a big fan of vintage. I  have a lot of vintage pieces in my home, and in my wardrobe. I think a wardrobe with only new pieces can feel a little flat.  I feel as I design each piece that it has a story attached to it and the new owner will create a story as she wears it. That story can be as mysterious and adventurous as the life she chooses to lead and that is exciting to me.

You started selling your pieces on Etsy, would you recommend this for other start-up labels?
Etsy is an amazing community. It is a great way for someone to try something out, if they are unsure if they want to dive head first into something. That's what I did with my line, I made two pieces, listed them on Etsy and just sat and waited. Two days later, one woman bought both pieces, so I made more. In two weeks time, she had bought 11 pieces from me. She was so afraid that someone else was going to discover me on Etsy, it was like I was her hidden little secret and she didn't want to share me with the world. By her buying two necklaces from me it gave me the spark to say " Hey, I can do this!" So I went full force, and I haven't slowed down since. 

What is the most rewarding thing about having your own label?
I think the most rewarding thing for me is that it gives me the freedom to be at home with my son. While it is very difficult at times to get work done, I still have the benefit of spending as much time as I can with him. I also love creating something special for someone and connecting with people all over the world who buy my pieces. When people e-mail me and say I want you to create a necklace for me to wear to my baby shower or my wedding rehearsal dinner- I feel so privileged. This is a special day for this person and they want me to create something for them to wear on that day. 

Who is the woman you design for?
The woman I design for is classic and trendy all at the same time. She has many sides to her. She doesn't wear the same thing, the same way, twice. She likes to try new things but she honors and holds dear to her the things that have meaning. She is selective and goes for quality pieces that she will treasure for a lifetime.

In 5 words, describe the Love Obsessed aesthetic.
Modern, Classic, Unique, Beautiful, Imaginative 

What is your favourite piece from the collection? Why?
It's so hard to choose as I fall in love with so many of my pieces but I would have to say it was this neon yellow collar necklace. I am in love with any necklace that looks as good from the back as it does the front, and it was a such a classic style in an unexpected color. I wish that I kept it for myself! But it went to a good home and I am sure it is loved.

What is your favourite trend for SS13?
I see lots of florals, with a new twist of bold colour combos and wild patterns. I see nudes with punches of colour and nautical always comes back - navy, cream, red. A more updated, grown-up version of the t-shirt, in rich fabrics with luxe details

Where do you see Love Obsessed in 5 years?
I see Love Obsessed creating a lot of the same pieces I do today, but in color schemes that aren't expected. I would like to do bolder pieces, I want to make jewellery that is memorable. I want my label to be like that piece you saw on a girl at a party and when you woke up still wearing your makeup from the night before the first thing you think of was that jewellery on that girl! 

Be sure to check out the Love Obsessed store at

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