Thursday, 12 May 2011

Lisa Blue

Lisa Burke's RAFW 2011 collection has caused a bit of controversy in the Indian community for having prints of the goddess Lakshmi on swimsuits... Being of Indian blood, I cannot agree with this behaviour and uproar. I don't really understand how it is at all disrespectful... And even when I asked my mum (who is 100% Indian) she said really liked the bathers, and would even buy them.... if she was 20 years younger!

I feel sorry for the girl - all this drama has caused her to stop production of these swimsuits.

I think it's time to realise this is fashion, it's not meant to be insulting... and it's time to stop burning the Australian flag over something so trivial, there are bigger concerns in the world than a swimsuit with a Hindu goddess printed on it.

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