Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Arnsdorf SS 11/12

Firstly, I just need to get it off my chest how much I love white! White in summer is just so chic, beautiful and fresh... and when I saw that the first half of the show was in white I nearly died - brilliant! But I wasn't terribly keen on the clothes themselves... Until I saw the all white shirt and short ensemble, that's when I got really excited... My favourite Spring/Summer piece has to be a perfectly tailored pair of shorts, and this pair ticked all the boxes!

.... But then I started to lose interest again. An oversized hot-pink jacket/dress, just really doesn't cut it for me in a Spring/Summer collection, or in any kind of collection, and I wasn't particularly fond of the styling. But then... a nude silk dress with a bright orange bag and things started to get exciting again. The draping and the detail in the rest of the collection cannot be faulted... It was fab!

Finally, the navy jumpsuit; nearly made me drool. My feelings towards navy mirror my feelings towards white - I love it!

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