Thursday, 16 June 2011

Vignette: Stephanie Vandoros Collection

I met Stephanie at Kirribilli markets at the beginning of the year, and her incredible fabrics and ridiculously intricate attention to detail caught my attention straight away. Our first online editorial, which we are shooting this weekend (yay!) will be featuring her collection, and I cannot wait to show you the finished product. In the meantime, get to know Stephanie and her collection in our first designer in the spotlight post!

When did Stephanie Vandoros Collection start?
I started SVC in early 2010 after graduating from Sydney Institute TAFE Fashion Design Studio in 2009

What encouraged you to start your own fashion line?
It was always clear to me while studying that I intended to start my own label, I guess I didn’t intend to start it so soon after graduating but things fell into place and it seemed like the perfect timing!

What are your main inspirations for your collections?
I get very inspired by nature, particularly Flora, (as my branding represents) whether it be through a beautiful botanic print, my colour palette, or a silhouette this seems to be an underlying theme I express in my work. There is something so inspiring to me about the shapes, textures, and vibrant colours formed so perfectly in nature.

Tell us more about Stephanie Vandoros Collection... 
I am the designer, pattern maker, grader, cutter... The list goes on. My collections are made in Australia, and I always strive to maintain a quality product and finish. The details are very important to me, and I think this is what sets my product apart.
Quality fabrics are very important. Wherever possible I will use a natural fibre as it looks amazing, and feels so much better for the wearer.

To date, what is your favourite piece from your line?
The cotton crochet mini dress (pictured) would have to be my favorite piece. It’s such a striking outfit, and it really doesn't need much else to complete it. The dress just sold out, but I am running it again because it has been so popular.

Who is your fashion crush?
Karl Lagerfeld, and any label he touches. He has stood the test of time and still creates the most amazing work. He has been, and continues to be so influential, creative, and inspiring.

What is your favourite trend this AW?
I am obsessed with capes, and oversized coats this AW, I love that they have great style at the same time as being cozy and functional.

What Aussie designer do you think shows most promise? 
Without a doubt, Dion Lee. The label has already had such success, in such a short time. He's an incedibly exciting designer who I’m sure will continue to grow and impress both in Australia and internationally.

What impresses you most about the Australian Fashion Industry?
I think Australian fashion has a distinct style that should be celebrated. Our lifestyle and climate see’s us as designers able to explore colour, texture and print in a way that is truly unique and exiting. I see Australian fashion as joyful, and I think that is something really amazing and currently under-appreciated in our country. I think this is why so many of our Aussie labels have such great international appeal, it is our point of difference and we need to embrace it.

What would you change most about the Australian Fashion Industry?
I think that education in this field needs a larger focus on fashion as a business, and teaching the manufacturing chain. Along with learning design there needs to be a focus on the commercial viability of a product, and translating it into an everyday market. I think this is where a lot of emerging designers get stuck, they have amazing ideas but struggle with the business and manufacturing side.

Where do you see Stephanie Vandoros Collection in 5 years?
I see S.V.C growing incredibly in the next 5 years.  A retail store in Sydney is definitely on the cards, and a huge dream of mine. I would also love to explore the idea of designing accessories...I see S.V.C offering an overall look, from head to toe. 

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