Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Intersection Co-Op

If I had to make two words out of genius, they'd be Theo Onisforou. He is just totally amazing... He has made such an influential mark on the Australian fashion industry, with the development of The Intersection in Sydney's Paddington. The Intersection is a shopping precinct that has a dominant focus on Australian designers. It has become a destination. In an age where online shopping is the most popular means of purchasing, customers are more willing to travel to The Intersection to experience the outdoor high-street enjoyment, and all thanks to one man, Theo Onisforou. 

In an article published today in the Sydney Morning Herald, Theo explains the origin of his latest innovation, ''Kirrily Johnston had a conversation with me a couple of years ago and said, 'Theo, this is how much it costs me to run my shop every week, once you factor in rent, staffing and all the other costs,' and I was blown away by how much money it was, I thought, wow, that must make it so hard for young, new designers to come into the business, and it got me thinking about how these designers could have a better opportunity to present and merchandise their own product.''

His solution? The Intersection Co-Op, an 800-square metre space above The Intersection. This space will house 16 emerging designers, which will open in September this year. The rationale behind The Intersection Co-Op is that all expenses are shared between the designers, so effectively they will have a shop for between $500-$1000. 

The Intersection Co-Op will boast both a cafe and bar, with an area allocated for a runway. 

Theo's intention is that The Intersection Co-Op will house an Intersection Fashion Week every year, for those young designers that cannot afford to pay $40 000 to show at Australian Fashion Week.  

When I read this article I was truly inspired and excited. Theo Onisforou is a force to be reckoned with, who does not play by the rules and stands up for what he believes in. He has essentially created a hub for Australian designers, established and emerging, to show case their amazing pieces and stimulate a high-street feel and appeal that encourages consumers to get out of the house to enjoy the experience of in-store shopping. He is a genius.

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