Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sydney Design 2011

Sydney Design 2011 is opening at the Powerhouse Museum on July 29. This year's theme is "Is Old New Again", which aims to explore the collision between tradition and innovation, heritage and experimentation, with a heavy emphasis on lace.
The event boasts over 90 exhibitions and events across Sydney from July 30 - August 14, with the aim to give in depth insights into design processes and innovations. The event is expected to cover all aspects of design, from architecture, fashion, graphic design and industrial design. 
Most exciting Sydney Design 2011 will be hosting the announcement of this year's Design NSW Travelling Scholarship, which is awarded to an emerging designer at the launch evening. The scholarship grants the winner $18,000 to further their career by partaking in a program of professional development overseas. Each year this scholarship is offered each year by the NSW Government, with the support of the Powerhouse Museum and the British Council.... I love this, these types of initiatives make me really excited that the support for emerging designers is growing, and is being encouraged by the Government. 
I can't wait to check it out... I'm especially excited to see who wins the scholarship! If you live in Sydney, be sure to check it out, it's definitely worthwhile :)

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