Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My SS12/13 Must-Haves!

I absolutely love Summer, nothing beats spending the day on Bondi Beach catching some rays and cooling off with a lemon Calippo! And with Spring officially here and in full force, I decided to compile my Spring/Summer must-haves.

1. Floral Shorts - Florals were huge during AW, and they're back for Summer! I practically live in shorts during the Summer, I think they're more comfortable than skirts, and a little edgier. Floral shorts are super versatile, and can be worn casually or more dressed up for a night out. If you aren't a shorts fanatic like me, a floral skirt or pants are a great alternative. I love this pair from Bec & Bridge because the print is somewhat muted, the colour combination is spot on and Bec & Bridge always cut the best shorts!

2. White Tee - if you don't have a great white tee in your wardrobe, once you're done reading this, go to the shops and buy yourself one... or five! A white tee is a MUST in anyone's Summer wardrobe, you can wear them with practically everything, and nothing beats white cotton in Summer! Bassike does amazing tees, so if you're one of those who's missing the perfect white tee in their wardrobe, a Bassike white tee is something you should definitely invest in!

Bassike, $80.00

3. Loafers - loafers are the new ballet flat, they're a little more masculine but boy are they fab! Literally every shoe designer has incorporated loafers (or something similar) into their SS12/13 collections, but these Steve Maddens are my fave, the blush colour and the wooden sole is a great neutral combination... I would wear these babies with my floral shorts and white tee to complete the perfect day look!
Steve Madden, $129.95

4. Candles - I am the candle queen! I love candles, they create such a romantic and warm atmosphere, while keeping the house smelling beautiful. I love Lucia candles, they're made from 100% organic soy, are totally eco-friendly and smell divine!! They've just launched a line for Spring, which are amazing... I got my grubby mitts onto the Thyme Flower and Coriander scent, which is just magic. My logic is that everyone has a Spring scent, so it's only fitting you get one for your home too!

5. Strappy Heels - *sighs* strappy heels are going to be the death of my wallet! They are by far one of the most versatile and comfortable pairs of shoes heels you can own. Tony Bianco has nailed the strappy heel by coming out with a tonne of styles in a huge range of colours. I seriously urge you all to GET. INVOLVED! You will be wearing them 24/7... Trust me.

Tony Bianco, $149.95

6. Leather! - now many people are skeptical about this whole leather in Summer situation... but believe me when I say this, it's amazeballs! I have a pair of shorts, very similar pair by Stylestalker, which I wore all through winter with stockings, and I wore them this past weekend with a silk, coral shirt and it worked an absolute treat! The great thing about this Witchery pair (and the pair I own) is that they are a fashionable take on an athletic design, so they're right on the "sporty luxe" trend, which means they can also be worn very casually too, with a tee and flats. The elastic waist means they're ridiculously comfy, and they leg is wide enough to avoid the mortifying camel toe (sorry, I just had to say it... leather shorts are often synonymous with the old "CT") I promise you, a relaxed leather short is not too heavy and hot for summer... I dare you to give it a go :)
Witchery, $199.95

7. White Dress - so I cannot express to you how much I love white in Summer... it is so clean and fresh looking. Forget the LBD, it's all about the LWD in Summer!! If I could, I would fill my wardrobe up with white dresses just for Summer and wear one everyday. Lover consistently makes the most gorgeous and decadent dress, which I always lust after. Their most recent SS collection is no different and this white dress is to-die-for! Everything about this dress; the paneling, the sheer organza, the cap sleeves and the flock design, gives me goosebumps, it's 100% perfection, and I think I'm seriously going to have to save my pennies, because I don't think I can live without this beauty! (On a side note, Miranda Kerr said this dress was her favourite look out of all the looks she shot for David Jones' SS12/13 campaign)
Lover, $595.00

8. Sunglasses - if you don't wear sunglasses in Summer you are crazy... especially in Sydney where it is so damn glary! Not only are sunglasses essential to protect your eyes against harmful sunlight, they are also the perfect Summer accessory! This season you will see sunnies available in a range of styles, shapes and colours.. But I do love this cat eye pair by Ellery, they're super chic and glam... and I also feel like they're a little bit naughty! Jump on the sunglasses band wagon... Sunglasses are like a bag, or a piece of fab jewellery, no Summer outfit is complete without them!

Ellery, $330.00 

9. Metallic - ahh... I love my bling, so I was insanely excited to see metallics make their return for this season. Metallics instantly dresses up an outfit and makes it more fun... it shows you don't take yourself too seriously! Metallics are perfect to wear day or night, paired with jeans or stilettos... don't think about it, just do it! This dress by Manning Cartell is phe-nom-men-al, I drool just looking at it... It is definitely the ultimate investment piece for this season. I mean, look at the pewter beading contrasted with the silver trims!! Man oh man, it is so delicious, I cannot get enough!
BTW, the curved stepped hem is so flattering, it makes your legs look much longer, just an added bonus!
Manning Cartell, $699.00

10. A high ponytail - the high ponytail has made a serious comeback, with it being one of the most popular trends on the catwalks of New York, Paris, and of course Sydney. The high ponytail is the perfect remedy for when you're having a bad hair day, and when done right, creates the illusion of high cheekbones (which is always a good thing). And when it's really hot, there's nothing worse than having your hair all over the place, so the high ponytail is also an easy and stylish way to keep cool.

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