Monday, 23 July 2012

Edwina McCann's first Vogue Cover

A blue-eyed Bella Heathcote covers Edwina McCann's debut Vogue cover as Editor-in-Chief. The Australian actress, best known for her role in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows looks absolutely stunning in a red Christian Dior gown in a peach orchard, shot by Will Davidson. 

Edwina explains her decision to use Bella, "I first set eyes on Bella when she walked into the launch of Gucci’s new store in Sydney. The whole room turned to stare. We chatted about life in Hollywood, her father, whom she clearly adores; and her future. I decided there at that dinner that she was a cover girl, and feel lucky to have her on my first Vogue as editor."

The September issue hits stands, Wednesday August, 1... I can't wait until mine arrives in the mail! I hope the inside is as good as the outside!

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