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Country Road

Top Trends for Australian Men in Winter
Australia has never been known for out of this world fashion, taking its lead from the money spinning American and European markets.  This had led to the Australian public, through no fault of theirs, dressing in clothes which are a year or two old in American and European terms.

Fighting back
Australians are a savvy bunch.  Quickly realising the advantages of online shopping, men and women across the country were slowly but surely bringing their look up to date.  Australia is now well on course to becoming a leader in global fashion.  The great thing with such a large country is the variety you get around the cities.  Melbourne and Perth in particular have been noted for the unique fashion niche they occupy.
While Australian women have led the way, the men have also taken significant strides to catch up.  With this in mind, how can you make sure you look great this coming winter?

The Look
The key look for men this winter is simple yet stylish, utilising classic items to create a contemporary look which can be carried elegantly and with confidence.  Why not check out your wardrobe and see which pieces can be carried over and still be worn through the mild winter?
Tan chinos and some light, canvas plimsolls should be a staple of every Aussie bloke’s wardrobe.  If you’ve not got them then these need to be top of your shopping list.  Keep your summer hats handy too, if you own both a light and a darker coloured one they will both complement your winter look nicely.


Whatever the weather
The bottom half stays the same at all times.  This is the beauty of the Australian scene for men this winter.  On a warmer day, an oversize vest, loose fitting t-shirt or tunic style shirt will complement perfectly.  In the sunshine, a hat with stylish shades rounds this look off perfectly.
Lightly knitted jumpers are a great all-rounder and hopefully a staple you’ll already have in your wardrobe.  Cable knit jumpers are undergoing a resurgence in popularity right now.  A grey shade is an excellent neutral choice, which will fit well with other items in your collection.  For a colder day, there is nothing that screams “stylish, modern man” more than a well fitted trench coat.  If you’ve gone for the chino look, a dark brown trench finishes this look off brilliantly.
All of these options are great for the Australian winter yet durable enough for you to use the following summer.  Be careful you don’t over use them though.  You don’t want to look outdated!

Arthur Galan

Build it
Online outfit builders are superb for tailoring a look specific to your body shape, look and personality.  Try it today, all the benefits of a trip to the store with added bonuses!  Using an outfit builder will get you on the way to a sharp, smart look and help you leave confused fashion in the past.

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