Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Nicole Fendel Jewellery

I am a compulsive online shopper... I live for it, especially this year when I had all my friend's 21sts, I wanted to make sure I always got them something unique and special. I recently stumbled across Nicole Fendel Jewellery, a Melbourne-based label specialising in delicate, romantic jewellery with a modern aesthetic. In just six short years since launching the label’s signature cut-out earrings, precious cocktail rings and beautiful pendants with poetic engravings have struck a chord with women throughout Australia. 

Celebs such as Oprah, Jennifer Hawkins, Kristy Hinze, Isabelle Lucas and Jessica Hart have all been seen wearing Nicole Fendel pieces... You should definitely check it out! Especially because of their very cool promo to celebrate the launch of their online store! Visit nicolefendel.com :) 

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